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The Japanese Art Exhibits (Mostre di Grafica Giapponese) in Mondovì and Torino are the result of the collaboration of a number of Torino-based  professionals and Oriental art enthisiasts with Japanese experts:

Davide Mana

manaBorn in Turin in 1967 and a palaeontologist by trade, Davide Mana has been working as a course designer, lecturer and freelance researcher with the Universities of Turin, Trieste, Parma, Urbino and Cagliari.

He is currently working on his PhD in the Università degli Studi Carlo Bo, in Urbino.

An internationally-published writer and translator, with a long-standing interest in the Orient, he is responsible for the design, organization and presentation of the introductory courses in Taoist Philosophy and in Zen Culture for the CentrOriente in Turin.

While engaged in various e-learning and e-publishing projects, he acted as chief English-language translator, web-designer, webmaster and jack-of-all-trades for the project.

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Raffaele Mondazzi

DSC_0001Sculptor and teacher with the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti in Torino, he was born in Mercato Saraceno (Forlì) in 1953 and moved to Torino where he completed his studies in the Liceo Artistico and the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti (sculpture teacher: Sandro Cherchi). Since 1975 he was appointed Sculpture assistant in the same school. In 1982-83 he held the course of restoration of ancient sculpture for the Italian Archaeological Mission in Hierapolis, Phrigia (Turkey) and the Museums of Instanbul and Smirne. HIs work has been the subject of critical notes by Mantovani, Dragone, Auneddu.

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Massimo Soumaré

soumaréTranslator, author, editor, Japanese language teacher, freelance researcher, consultant on Japanese matters, has a long-standing collaboration with Eastern Culture and Literary magazines. He was the author of the entries on Modern Japanese literature for the Grande dizionario enciclopedico Nova, published by UTET (Torino, 2001), reprinted in 2003 as L’Enciclopedia (La Biblioteca di Repubblica, La Repubblica, Roma). He has translated a number of modern and contemporary Japanese authors, including Asamatsu Ken, Bandô Masako, Dazai Osamu, Ekuni Kaori, Kikuchi Hideyuki, Minagawa Hiroko, Miyabe Miyuki, Miyazawa Kenji, Onda Riku, Tachihara Michizô, Yumeno Kyûsaku; his translation work covers also non-fiction and literary debates between Italian and Japanese authors. As an author, he has been published in Italy, Japan, China and USA.  He is also consulting expert and Japanese-language translator and interpreter for the Camera del commercio, industria, artigianato ed agricoltura di Torino. He teaches Japanese Language with the CentrOriente of Torino, the Associazione Interculturale Italia-Giappone SAKURA, and the Fondazione Università Popolare di Torino.

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Gianfranco Torri

torriBorn in Torino in 1937, he alternates his activity as a graphic designer (chiefly oriented to the publishing and commercial graphics and posters  fields), his involvement as designer of exhibit about current trends in European graphics, and his University teaching activity. He was one of the promoters of the Prima Biennale della Grafica (Cattolica, 1984), and has been artistic consultant for the Mese della Grafica di Grugliasco (since 1989) and of the Mois du Graphisme di Échirolles (since 1990). He worked for the Maison du Livre, de l’Image et du Son of Villeurbanne (1994), and was part of the Program Council of the 14th International Poster Biennale in Warsaw (1994) and of the jury of the Helsinki International Poster Biennale in Finland (1995). Graphic designer (for various Cultural Institutions), he was responsible for over thirty graphics exhibits in Italy and Europe. Coordinator of the  International Poster School, he worked with the I.P.B.W.. He teaches Visual Communication in the Communication Sciences department in the Facoltà di Lettere of the University of Torino and of the Design Faculty of the Politecnico di Milano. He contributes to LineaGrafica and Progetto Grafico. He is a supporting member of the Museo Diffuso della Resistenza, della Deportazione, della Guerra, dei Diritti e della Libertà di Torino.

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fujisawa sisters

Dr. Fujisawa Akane

Teaches at the Gakushûin University, Tokyo Gaikokugo University, Tôkai University e Gakushû shôgai center, specializing in literature and pre-modern Japanese culture and history of traditional theatre, she is also editor for the International Ukiyo-e Society.

Dr. Fujisawa Murasaki

Teaches at Gakushûin University, Kokugakuin University, Tamagawa University, Chûô University, Tôyô University, Musashino Art University, Chiba Institute of Technology, Sugino Fashion College and Ryôtokuji University, she specializes in Japanese art, ukiyo-e and Edo culture. She is also the director of the International Ukiyo-e Society.

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