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takada-akemiComic artist and illustrator, after graduating in the famous Tama Art University in Tôkyô she joined Tatsunoko Productions, which she left in the early ’80s to start a collaboration with Studio Pierrot, and later moving to a freelance activity. She created the illustrations and character designs for many of the best known Japanese animation series. Among these Anime, the international public will be most familiar with Urusei Yatsura, Mahô no tenshi Kurimii Mami (Creamy Mami, The Magic Angel), Maison Ikkoku, Kimagure Orenji Rōdo (Kimagure Orange Road), Kido keisatsu Patorabâ (Mobile Police Patlabor) and Mahô no sutêji Fanshii Rara (Fancy Lala, The Magic Stage)
She furthermore participated in the creation of the graphics for many video games and published a large number of portfolios. She has recently expanded her interests to the design and realization of jewels, creating her own brand.
She is one of the most important Japanese artists in the field, with a huge worldwide fan base.

[Official Site]


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