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teradaBorn in Tamano in Okayama prefecture, he shows great interest in drawing from an early age. During secondary school and his graphics specialization school he keeps following his great passion. Having closed his studies, he works as a comic artist and a freelance illustrator. He created man, videogame concept art, designs for books, movies, the stage and fashion, without any limit to his creativity. Among his most significant works, the comic Saiyûkiden daien’ô (Supernatural story of the Journey to the West, King Ape) translated also in Chinese, French and English. As a character designer he worked on videogames such as Tantei Jingûji Saburô (Jingûji Saburô, Private Eye), Virtua Fighter 2, Busin, on the anime Blood: The Last Vampire and of the movies Cutie Honey (2004) and Devilman (2004). In 2006 he acted in Oshii Mamoru’s Tachiguishi retsuden (Biographic collection of gourmet masters) which was screened during the 69th Festival del Cinema di Venezia. He is today one of the most widely appreciated illustrators worldwide, and is considered one of the foremost Japanese experts in the field of CGI. In 2002 he was awarded the Seiun Award for arts.

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