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yamadaIllustrator and comic artist, born in the town of Kôchi on Shikoku island. Currently resides in Kyôto with his wife. His illustration work has been particularly appreciated – in particular, wide acclaim was gained by his work on the series  Jûnikokuki (The story of twelve kingdoms), by Ono Fuyumi, and the four covers for the highly influential H.P. Lovecraft-themed anthologies published by Kurodahan Press under the title of  The lairs of the Secret Gods. Among his manga, we can remember Record of Lodoss war and Beast of East, both also published in Italy. His very delicate style is connected with the ancient art of ink painting. In 1996 he won the Seiun Award in the Arts section. He was responsible for the concept design of the movie  Shinobi – heart under blade –.

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