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Emakimono, images from Classic Japanese literature

Isola di S.Rocco

The first of our two upcoming exhibits scheduled for the autumn of 2009 will take place in the halls and exhibit area Isola di San Rocco al Ponte delle Ripe, Mondovì (CN), from the 3rd to the 18th of october.

A strong independent project, the brainchild of architect and designer Carlo Pellegrino, the exhibit area has been promoting high profile and highly original initiatives these last two decades, setting a standard in the artistic and cultural landscape of our region.

Connected with the exhibit hall, and strongly interwoven in the texture of the cultural initiatives, the cultural magazine Porti di Magnin was launched which, together with its supplement Magnin Litteraire, covers every aspect of culture, human ingenuity and arts – from literature to poetry to visual arts to sciences.

A highly refined offering in terms of graphics, design and photography, the magazine is of interest to both specialist and general public; it is rooted in the territory by means of its contributors and themes, but it remains open to suggestions and collaborations in any field of the cultural landscape.

Porti di Magnin

A further element of note will also be the seat itself of the exhibit, the product of an intelligent, non-conformist restoration of an abandoned religious building.

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The emakimono exhibit in Mondovì 2009 will be therefore not only an opportunity for discovering some of the most interesting pieces in the Collezione Ugo Mondazzi, but also to meet and appreciate a vivid cultural reality, a jewel in the heart of our region, one of the best kept secrets in the Piedmontese cultural field.

For details, timetables and how to get to the exhibit, please refer to the map in the following page.

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